Judge0 Dummy Client

Judge0 dummy client can be used to try and test features of Judge0 API. Data is not validated on client side. Client first creates new submission and then fetches submission status every 1500ms. Client stops fetching submission status after recieving an error or when submission status is not In Queue.

Note that you need to define API URL. This is the base url of some Judge0 API host (e.g. https://api.judge0.com). Description of network errors can be found in console of your browser, so check that for more information.


Source Code null

Language ID null

Number Of Runs null

CPU Time Limit null

CPU Extra Time null

Wall Time Limit null

Memory Limit null

Stack Limit null

Max Processes And Or Threads null

Enable Per Process And Thread Time Limit true false null

Enable Per Process And Thread Memory Limit true false null

Max File Size null

Input null

Expected Output null

Send request with Base64 encoded data

Accept response with Base64 encoded data

Request/Response Log